Historic Building Conservation Wiltshire

Have you got an architectural relic of a time long past that deserves to be preserved? Call ITL Associates on 01725 510 223. We are an independent building surveying practice, and we specialise in historic building conservation Wiltshire. We combine our knowledge and years of experience to make sure the building can continue to be appreciated for years to come.


Wiltshire Historic Building Conservation

Historic building conservation Wiltshire

It’s easy to lose track of the past and forget the magnificence of aged architecture and style. It’s a subject that, here at ITL Associates, we are very passionate about. We believe that historic building conservation in Wiltshire serves to preserve the heritage and eloquence of the county in a way that can’t be matched.

We cover all types of buildings, from churches to stately homes, and all of them have a rich background and more tales to tell than you could imagine. We aim to keep those tales alive, and help to keep these inspiring and educational buildings at full health. ITL Associates is of the opinion that historic building conservation Wiltshire is of the utmost importance because once the buildings are lost, so too are the lessons they offer and their awe-inspiring aesthetics.


What’s Involved in Wiltshire Historic Building Conservation?

The first step is to ascertain the exact nature of the building, what ails it, and any other aspects we need to take into consideration. This means we will visit the site and conduct a comprehensive site survey and inspection. When we are confident we have established an accurate idea of what’s involved, we’ll produce appraisals and schedules for work that is required.

Any issues that are flagged up with regard to conservation will be reported to local and national policymakers and trusts that are responsible for the historic building conservation Wiltshire. We can advise on planning applications, whilst guiding new developments that will affect the building. We are always keen to be a part of regeneration projects, especially when they benefit the heritage and local community.

Our team are able to work alongside local trusts, councils, landowners and other governing bodies to provide advice for historic building conservation Wiltshire. This can be in the form of formal reports and letters. Often, this will include estimations for restoration and Wiltshire historic building conservation costs, for both long and short term methods.

All of our work complies with local and international conservation standards and will seek to keep the building in optimal condition for as long as possible. We abide by all legislation and policy that encompass historic building conservation in Wiltshire, in addition to all necessary health and safety regulations and standards.


Other Services

We employ many of our services in the scope of historic building conservation Wiltshire. These include such things as:

  • Building Surveys
  • Architectural Design
  • Defect Analysis
  • Insurance Reinstatement Assessments
  • Planned Maintenance Inspections
  • Construction Monitoring and more


Building Surveys

Building surveys play a big part in historic building conservation Wiltshire projects. Surveys are particularly useful for listed and period buildings, and those that don’t fit into the usual construction practices. Also, buildings that feature obscurities and unusual features which make them stand out and would prove bunglesome for standard construction methods. They’re also very useful for buildings which are soon to have refurbishments or alterations.


Architectural Design

This area of ITL Associates is the area that allows the greatest scope for imagination. We will work with the building’s owner to provide a comprehensive design service for new builds, alterations, extensions, refurbishments, and even transformations from conceptual schemes to practical completion.

Architectural design is extremely important when it comes to historic building conservation in Wiltshire. The maintenance of a building must be completed without changing the building’s original façade or style; otherwise, you risk tarnishing the heritage and cultural importance of the building. The design for restoration or alterations must embody the original in all ways.


What if we can’t help?

In the very rare event that our skills and expertise aren’t ideal for the job at hand, we have an extensive network of specialists that we can refer you to if the need arises. We will never recommend you to someone that isn’t perfect for fulfilling your requirements to the highest standards.


Why Us?

Some buildings that require the services of experienced practitioners in the world of historic building conservation Wiltshire will shock you with their sheer value. This means that only the most careful, precise and professional services will be sufficient. This is where our team excels. Mr Tony Inman and Richard Trappes-Lomax have been working together for over 30 years and established ITL associates over 20 years ago.

Mr Inman holds the status of Chartered Fellow within the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, which is the highest level of membership. This means he’s among the highest qualified in the organisation and can take his profession around the world. Mr Trappes-Lomax is also a registered Member of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), which makes them both highly qualified and their unique experience allows them to deliver superior services.


Contact Us

Call ITL Associates today on 01725 510 223 for any needs relating to historic building conservation Wiltshire and any of our other services. Alternatively, you can contact us using our simple online form or via email at tony@itlassociates.co.uk or richard@itlassociates.co.uk.