Historic Building Consultants

Whether you’re the owner of a historic building or are simply representing its interests, there may come a time where you require the services of a building surveyor. At ITL Associates, we’re a team of professional historic building consultants with an impressive portfolio that spans a wide range of period buildings. To arrange a face-to-face consultation, contact us today on 01725 510223.

Professional Services Delivered by an RICS Chartered Surveyor

Here in the UK, there are no shortage of iconic buildings steeped in history dating back decades, if not, centuries. Many of these buildings are listed, meaning that only specific modifications (if any) are permitted. In short, a historic building must remain true to its original construction. To that end, our historic building consultants can help keep you from falling foul of a building infraction.

At ITL Associates, we specialise in carrying out surveys and providing architectural and building design services that cater for historic buildings. As a recognised chartered building surveyor, we take a pragmatic yet informative approach to buildings of age or ones that incorporate unusual features. Where alterations are required, we can assist by assessing and interpreting the building specifics.

From the overall condition to architectural features characteristic of the period in which it was built, we will ensure that any work is in keeping with the building’s status. Surveys are carried out by our trained historic building consultations and delivered in an informative yet meaningful format that can be easily understood.

In addition to surveys, an RICS chartered surveyor from ITL Associates can also provide the following services too:

Architectural Design

We are experts when it comes to architectural design. Perhaps you’re planning to construct a building in an area teeming with historic buildings. Or, maybe you’re looking to renovate an existing listed building. Whatever the case may be, our architectural design services will keep your project on the straight and narrow. Our historic building consultants possess an understanding and knowledge, both of which are unrivalled.Historic Building Consultants

We can assist with all manner of projects, including:

  • New Builds
  • Conversions
  • Maintenance
  • Change of Use
  • Extensions
  • Alterations

From the earliest concept to final completion, you’re not alone with our chartered building surveyor team by your side. Areas that we cover include but are not limited to statutory consents, design and specification, appointment of additional consultants (as and when required), contractor selection, formal tendering and contract administration.

Historic Building Conservation

Any planned works on a listed building must first be consented to by the relevant governing body. Such permission is required where any work will drastically alter the character of the building and impact its architectural and historic significance. From minor repairs and conservation to large-scale improvements; no stone will be left unturned by our historic building consultants.

Additional Services

As well as the services mentioned above, ITL Associates are also well-placed to provide the following additional services:

  • Condition Surveys
  • Specific Defect Analysis
  • Insurance Reinstatement Assessments
  • Planned Maintenance Inspections
  • Construction Monitoring

For more information on any of the services mentioned in this article, make sure you give our team a call today on 01725 510223.

Why Choose Our Historic Building Consultants?

Established by Tony Inman BA C.Eng.FCABE Dip.Bldg Cons (RICS) and Richard Trappes-Lomax MRICS, ITL Associates is a company with a distinguished reputation. Richard and Tony have worked together for nearly 30 years providing first-class services to private and commercial clients far and wide. Among our core services, we provide pre-purchase assessments, building surveys, architectural design, schemes of alteration and improvement, building maintenance and much more.

For years, our customers have benefitted from the outstanding services provided by our RICS chartered surveyor team. We intend to inform and advise while making the whole process as straightforward and easy-to-follow as it possibly can be. Our team will assist you by interpreting your objectives and devising solutions to make them a reality.

With the help of our chartered building surveyor specialists, you won’t have to go anywhere else as we are the one-stop solution for surveys, engineering and design services.


Get in touch with our historic building consultants by calling ITL Associates today on 01725 510223.